Faculty and Staff

Our Faculty and Staff


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Administration and Student Support


Mr. Cohen- Principal

Mrs. Cronin-Assistant Principal

Mrs. Moultrie-School Based Teacher Leader

Mrs. White- Reading Specialist

Ms. Tyler-School Based Literacy Lead

Mr. Gravely- Program Manager

Ms. Harris- School Counselor

Mrs. Cordero- Administrative Assistant

Nurse Mansaray- School Nurse


Ms. Braun-Art

Ms. Kary- Science Enrichment

Ms. T. McGoldrick-Health

Mr. Shapiro-Physical Education

Ms. St. Cyr- Computers

Special Education Department

Mrs. Gross

Ms. Capelli

Mrs.  Elkins

Classroom Teaching Staff

Pre- Kindergarten 

Ms. Bowersox -Teacher         Ms. Briley -Classroom Assistant

Ms. Brown -Teacher              Mrs. Taylor-Roane  -Classroom Assistant

Ms. Orlen -Teacher               Ms.  James -Classroom Assistant



Ms. M. McGoldrick      Mrs. Tisoskey

First Grade

Ms. Harmon             Mrs.  Henshaw           Mrs.  Schreiner

Second Grade

Ms. Leonard             Mrs. Maldonado          Mr.Williams

Third Grade

Mrs. Langley              Mr. Mahon              Mrs. Scott

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Crouthamel           Mrs. Wager          Ms. Weinberg

Fifth Grade

Ms. Fitzwater- English Language Arts/ Social Studies

Ms. Coletta- Mathematics/ Science

Sixth Grade

Mr. Bottoms- English Language Arts/ Social Studies

Mr. Parker- Mathematics/ Science

Mr. Coyle

Seventh/Eighth Grade

Ms. Carnes-Science

Mr. Beauchamp-Social Studies

Mrs. Koch-English Language Arts

Mr. Savage-Mathematics

School Based Operational Staff

Brennan Wilkins- Building Engineer

Caroline Brockington- Custodial Staff

Donna Stevens-Custodial Staff

Angela Parker-Custodial Staff

Mary King-Food Services Staff

Shikena Brown- Food Services Assistant

Theresa Dantzler – Food Services Assistant

Darryl Jones- Food Services Assistant