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Welcome to Dr. Tanner G. Duckrey Public School!

Our First Day of School is Tuesday, August 31, 2021. 

Our start time and our dismissal time has changed. School for students begins each day at 8:15am and ends each day at 2:54pm.

The 2021-22 Tanner G. Duckrey School Plan is now available for public review. Please provide any feedback HERE.

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Internet and Chromebook Assistance

If you are in need of a chromebook or your chromebook needs to be repaired, please visit South Philadelphia High School at the intersection of Broad and Snyder Streets. This site is open from 9am to 3pm daily.

If you are in need of internet, call 211 and press option 1.

If you need assistance logging in, call the Duckrey hotline at (215) 821-6516. The hotline is open from 7am to 9am Monday-Friday!

Below is the Duckrey Teacher Listing. It is sorted by grade.

GradeRoomTeacher/NameContact Method 1
Room 121AMs. Bowersox
Ms. Briley
Email Ms. Bowersox
Email Ms. Briley
Room 121BMs. Stanard
Ms. Bell
Email Ms. Stanard
Email Ms. Bell
Room 111Mrs. TisoskeyEmail Mrs. Tisoskey
Room 117Ms. McGoldrickEmail Ms. McGoldrick
First Grade
Room 128Mrs. HenshawEmail Mrs. Henshaw
Room 130Mrs. SchreinerEmail Mrs. Schreiner
Second Grade
Room 120Ms. LeonardEmail Ms. Leonard
Room 122
Ms. HaughtonEmail Ms. Haughton
Third Grade
Room 215Ms. ScottEmail Ms. Scott
Room 221Ms. WeinbergEmail Ms. Weinberg
Room 223Mr. MahonEmail Mr. Mahon
Fourth Grade
Room 213Mrs. WagerEmail Mrs. Wager
Room 217Mrs. CrouthamelEmail Mrs. Crouthamel
Fifth Grade
Room 209Ms. JamesEmail Ms. James
Room 211Mr. BottomsEmail Mr. Bottoms
Sixth Grade
Room 208Ms. KaliherEmail Ms. Kaliher
Room 210Mr. ParkerEmail Mr. Parker
Room 212Mr. JordanEmail Mr. Jordan
Middle School
Room 214
7/8 English Language Arts
Ms. MillerEmail Ms. Miller
Room 216
7/8 Science and Social Studies
Mr. SimmonsEmail Mr. Simmons
Room 218
7/8 Science
Ms. CarnesEmail Ms. Carnes
Room 220
7/8 Social Studies
Mr. BeauchampEmail Mr. Beauchamp
Room 222
7/8 Mathematics
Mr. SavageEmail Mr. Savage
Special Education
Ms. McGovernEmail Ms. McGovern
Ms. CapelliEmail Ms. Capelli
Mr. Woolford
Email Mr. Woolford
Socio-Emotional Support 6-8
Mr. Rudnitsky
Email Mr. Rudnitsky
ArtMs. BraunEmail Ms. Braun
ComputersMs. St. CyrEmail Ms. St. Cyr
Physical EducationMr. ShapiroEmail Mr. Shapiro
Science EnrichmentMs. KaryEmail Ms. Kary