Duckrey School Virtual Learning

Starting on Monday April 13th, Duckrey teachers will be available for virtual teaching hours each day from 10am to 12pm.

Contact your child’s teacher to find out if they will be on Google Meet, Class Dojo, or their preferred method. Click on their name below to get in touch with them!

Teachers will no longer be using Zoom to connect with students and families!
Kindergarten:          Mrs. Tisoskey              Ms. M. McGoldrick
First Grade:              Mrs. Harmon               Mrs. Henshaw                   Mrs. Schreiner
Second Grade:         Ms. Leonard                Mrs. Maldonado                Mr. Williams
Third Grade:             Mrs. Langley               Mr. Mahon                          Mrs. Scott
Fourth Grade:          Mrs. Crouthamel        Mrs. Wager                         Ms. Weinberg
Fifth Grade:              Ms. Coletta                 Ms. Fitzwater
Sixth Grade:             Mr. Bottoms                Mr. Parker                            Mr. Coyle
Seventh and Eighth Grade
English- Mrs. Koch            Mathematics- Mr. Savage        Science- Ms. Carnes     Social Studies- Mr. Beauchamp
Specialist Teachers
Art- Ms. Braun         
Computers-Ms. St. Cyr             
Health- Ms. T. McGoldrick
Physical Education-Mr. Shapiro             
Science Enrichment- Ms.Kary